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Thyristor Power Control Panel

थायरिस्टर पावर कंट्रोल पैनल

200000.00 आईएनआर/टुकड़ा

उत्पाद विवरण:

  • मूलभूत सामग्री मेटल बेस
  • कवर सामग्री गैल्वेनाइज्ड स्टील
  • मटेरियल मेटल
  • रेटेड वोल्टेज 100 वोल्ट (V)
  • फ़्रिक्वेंसी (मेगाहर्ट्ज) 300 हर्ट्ज (एचजेड)
  • आयाम (एल* डब्ल्यू* एच) 970 x 870 x 197 मिलीमीटर (mm)
  • वारंटी 1 वर्ष
  • अधिक देखने के लिए क्लिक करें

थायरिस्टर पावर कंट्रोल पैनल मूल्य और मात्रा

  • टुकड़ा/टुकड़े
  • 1

थायरिस्टर पावर कंट्रोल पैनल उत्पाद की विशेषताएं

  • 100 वोल्ट (V)
  • मेटल
  • गैल्वेनाइज्ड स्टील
  • 970 x 870 x 197 मिलीमीटर (mm)
  • 1 वर्ष
  • मेटल बेस
  • 300 हर्ट्ज (एचजेड)

थायरिस्टर पावर कंट्रोल पैनल व्यापार सूचना

  • कैश इन एडवांस (CID) चेक कैश एडवांस (CA)
  • 2-5 टुकड़ा प्रति दिन
  • 4-5 दिन
  • Yes
  • नमूना लागत, शिपिंग और करों का भुगतान खरीदार द्वारा किया जाना है
  • पश्चिमी यूरोप ऑस्ट्रेलिया पूर्वी यूरोप मिडल ईस्ट मध्य अमेरिका अफ्रीका दक्षिण अमेरिका एशिया उत्तरी अमेरिका
  • ऑल इंडिया

उत्पाद वर्णन

Having rich experience and thorough understanding of the market operations, we have emerged as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Thyristor Power Control Panel. These panels are manufactured under the strict guidance of the expert supervisors, using high quality materials and components, sourced from the most reliable vendors. To make sure that only flawless range is provided to the clients we check the Thyristor Power Control Panel on construction and working parameters. The clients can avail our panels at the market leading prices from us.


  • Rugged construction

  • Longer service life

  • Hassle free operation


Panel housing the Thyristor Drive controlling the power of the heater to match the thermal requirements of the system for high accuracy control. The Control Panel also contains necessary control and safety features.

PID Cont. :- Proportional, Derivative, Integral Three Term Indicating

The Panel Housing Dydac Thyristor Power Controller for controlling the Heater Controller for accurate control of temperature or viscosity.

TE :- The temperature sensor can be a theromcouple, resistance thermometer with or without a transmitter head.

VE :- The control parameter maybe viscosity in lieu of temperature.

The signal maybe milli-Volt (Thermocouple), Ohms (Resistance Thermometer) or Analogue eg 4-20mA (with transmitter head). PID Cont.

Thyristor Panel

Dydac Controls offers a wide range of both standard and custom engineered SCR power panels. From 100 watts to mega-watts, Avatar Instruments can build an SCR system to meet your needs.

Dydac Controls  standard line of SCR power control panels are engineered with safety and ease of installation in mind. The control panels are prewired and tested on name plate voltage. Customer needs only to install incoming power wires, outgoing heater wires and thermocouple input connections. Standard panel sizes are 20, 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350 and 400 Amps. 230 to 480VAC.

Standard features include:

  • SCR Power Controller - Single or Three Phase; Phase Angle Fired or Zero Voltage Switched
  • NEMA 12 enclosure. Fan cooled or air conditioned
  • Input power circuit breaker or fused disconnect with door interlock
  • Definite purpose power contactor in front of SCR
  • Power On-Off Button Manual reset button
  • Power on indication (lamp)
  • Load branch fusing with box style connections to the heaters
  • Temperature controller. Separate over temperature controller

Options include:

  • Power monitoring (volts, amperes )
  • Chart recorder ( On Demand ) Heater on indicator (lamp)
  • Alarm indicators (lamps)
  • Annunciation flashing beacon and/or audible horn
  • Thermocouple outlet(s)
  • Dydac Controls uses Axis, Athena, Eurotherm, Honeywell, Omron, Fuji, temperature controllers.

Standard SCR Power Control Panels

Dydac Controls panels are engineered and built for safety, strength and reliability in real world industrial environments. The system shown has these standard features:

  • Dydac Controls "1000 or 3000" Series SCR
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Dedicated over temperature limit
  • Manual reset button
  • Load branch fusing
  • Circuit breaker w/lockout handle
  • NEMA 12 enclosure w/fan kit

Remember, you will need air inlet and outlet holes with fan cooling.
Finally, plastic enclosures act as an insulator. You will most likely destroy an SCR control if you install it inside a plastic box. The only reliable way to use a plastic enclosure is to have a “thru-hole mounting” style heat sink, with the heat sink’s cooling fans outside of the box.



Control Type


Constant Resistance Elements. Immersion heaters.

Slow Response

Zero Voltage

Large tank heating and mechanical relay replacement.

Medium wave infrared, ceramic, cartridge, duct, strip, and band heaters. Platens.

Faster response, Constant resistance heaters only.

Phase or Zero Voltage Switched

Thermoforming, textiles, industrial furnaces and ovens, extruders, kilns, chemical process heating, fast water heat.

Open coil/wire heaters. Medium wave IR quartz. IR panels.

Fastest, most precise response.

Phase Angle Fired

Paper and pulp drying, packaging machines, pharmaceutical processes, infrared ovens & dryers.

Silicon Carbide heaters.

Load changes in resistance with age. High temperature elements.

Phase Angle Fired with Current Limit Option

High temperature ovens and furnaces, glass, ceramics and high temperature alloys.

Tungsten (T-3) lamps and heaters. Short wave IR elements. Molybdenum heaters.

High inrush currents
High hot: cold resistance ration
Tungsten 14:1
Molybdenum 20:1
Graphite: 20:1

Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start option

High speed paper and ink dryers, high temperature IR heating, high temperature materials processing.

Transformer coupled loads. Primary driving. Inductive heater loads.

Inductive loads.

Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start option. Current limit option.

Used with transformer-coupled heater loads to drive low voltage elements.

Power Calculation

When selecting the correct sized SCR power controller, rate the SCR for at least 110% of the heater load. Heaters and power lines have tolerances that can swing on any given day or location.

Single Phase

  • Example: 18,000W ÷ 240V = 75A
  • AMPS x VOLTS= Watts
  • Example: 60Ax 480V = 28,800W


  • WATTS÷ VOLTS÷ 1.73 = AMPS
  • Example: 18,000W ÷ 240V = 75 ÷ 1.73 = 43.35 A
  • AMPS x VOLTS x 1.73 = Watts
  • Example: 60A x 480V x 1.73 = 49,824W
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