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About Us

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people including our customers who have sent encouragement and words of support to Dydac during the past 10 years while we have concentrated all our efforts on the development of better controlling solutions.

Dydac is now a total solution provider in Temperature Controllers, Thyristor Power Controllers and Panels, Solid State Relays, Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Mould Temperature Controllers for PET Industry, Frequency Drives, Hot Runner Systems, Hot Runner Heaters – Coil, Cartridge, Tubular Heaters and Short Wave Infrared Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Proximity and Photo Sensors, Heavy Duty Connectors and many more, offering more than 1000 items to the various fields of industrial automation and controls through its continuous effort in providing best products through R&D / Manufacturing endeavors.

As a result, Dydac is a leading manufacturer and supplier of process control instruments and hot runner systems used in process industries, Quality Control and R&D Lab, Plastic, Packaging Pharma, Food, Agriculture Power sector, Rubber, Space, Railways Automotive, Atomic, Defence, Civil Engg., Aero space etc. No doubt, our mission is to develop new products and meet our customers' current needs while providing this all at reasonable pricing.

Dydac, providing a wide variety of products, supports customers to achieve higher productivity by providing total solutions just fitting for the environment, not only selling the individual product. We have done over thousand's of Installations representing Popular products like PID Controller, Prog. Controller, Thyristor Power Controller, Thyristor Power Control Panels, AC Drive, Paperless Recorders, Pressure and Universal Transmitters, Timers and many more ...

We want to help our customers succeed in their businesses with our products.

With all its manpower and resources, Dydac will keep on developing better controlling solutions that should satisfy all customers around the world.

Product Index :

We offer a wide range of temperature and thyristor power controllers which cater to the process control instruments and hot runner systems' needs of various companies. Our products are fabricated out of high quality material that prevents malfunction and break down. They are known for their distinct attributes like reliability, efficiency, and optimum performance. We are offering following products: 

Temperature PID/ Process Controllers
Axis PID Temperature Process Controllers Athena PID Temperature Process Controllers
Temperature Indicators Temperature Scanners / Dataloggers
Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers
Thyristor Power Controllers – Single Phase & Double Phase Thyristor Power Controllers - Double Phase
Thyristor Power Controllers – Three Phase Thyristor Power Controllers – Three Phase with Neutral
Semiconductor ( Fast Acting Fuses ) & Din Rail Mounting Fuse Holders
Hot Runner Systems
Hot Runner Nozzles and Manifolds Athena Hot Runner Temperature Controllers
Dydac Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Dydac Hot Runner Temperature Controllers for PET Preform industry
Cables Connectors and Cables
Connectors Heavy Duty For Hot Runners and Machines, Ceramic Connector
Accessories ( Connecting Boxes , Floor Stands)
Solid state Relays (SSR’)
Single Phase Solid State Relays Three Phase Solid State Relays
Phase Angle Fired Power Modules Heat Sinks
Dydac Thyristor Power Control
Dydac Temperature Control Panels
Automation Panels – Desk Type
AC Frequency Drive Panels
Melt Pressure Transducers / Transmitters and Pressure Controllers
Pressure Transmitters
Heaters – Coil , Cartridge Tubular, Band , Short Wave Infrared Heaters
Coil Heaters Cartridge Heaters – High Watt Density / Medium Watt Density
Tubular Heaters Short wave Infrared Quartz Heaters
Medium Wave Infrared Quartz Heaters INFRARED Ceramic Heaters
Temperature Sensors
PT-100 ( RTD ) Sensor Thermocouples
Thermistors Temperature Connectors
Frequency Drives – Inverters
Linear Scale Transducers
ROD Type Wiper Type
Heavy Duty Connectors
Connectors for Hot Runner and Machines

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